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Benefits from wearing Retainers and tips to take care of them

retainer-3Retainers are a big part for a successful treatment for straightens your teeth after wearing braces for a long time, as braces helps create a beautiful smile, the retainer maintains it while making it easier to practice a better oral hygiene.


Apart from this there are many more reasons and advantages from wearing retainers, such as helping correct speech problems, so following your dentist guideline will ensure that you end up with some good looking teeth and a beautiful smile like actors and celebrities on movies and TV.


So Why Wear a Retainer?


As we said before, retainers are often used as the last phase of orthodontics treatment for straight the patient’s teeth, because after the braces are removed, there is still a chance that the teeth shift back to their previous position, so most dentist suggest that retainers are worn when going to bed, sometimes longer, to help preserve the position of the straightened teeth.


Better looking, better cleaning, better everything


It is a fact that straight teeth are easier to clean, also they cut down on plaque buildup by a lot and reduce the chance of suffering from cavities, along with a correct bite, it help patients chew their food more effectively, getting more nutrients from them. Another from this is gaining an increase in saliva production, which helps building more digestive enzymes that cut down plaque, decreasing cavities and other dental diseases.


Fighting Diabetes


Wear your retainers daily not only help your teeth get correctly aligned, they help to reduce the risk of poor oral health too, and another benefit that you may didn’t know about is that retainers can help to counteract diabetes-related ailments, so keep wearing them all day every day, folks!


Breathing better


Another advantage that is unknown by some people is that retainers can help improve their breathing, there are some special types of retainers, that apart from helping straighten the teeth or align the jaw, they can also help solving other trouble like snoring or breathing at night, consult your dentist if you have trouble breathing or snoring and he or she will definitely help you with a special retainer.


Helping with Speech Problem


According to some scientific studies, using retainers can help people beat their speech impediments, thanks to that retainers help to adjust the tongue placement so patients can form sounds correctly as they speak, this is more effective on kids as they are just developing their vocabulary.

How to get in the habit of wearing a Retainer daily

Because we know that getting in the habit of using your retainers can be very daunting and hard, we are going to teach you some tips to help you adjust to them pretty quickly, especially if you have little kids.


Choose a big carrying case to keep your retainer, that way it will be less likely for you if your use it, in the case of kids, choose one that is their favorite color or put sticker with their favorite cartoon to ensure that they pay close attention to it and reduce the risk losing them. On the same note, write a note and put it in your kid’s retainer case as a reminder.


Just like keys and other possessions, keeping your retainer case in the same spot can reduce the chances of passing overlooked or misplaced during a busy day. But sincerely, you should be wearing them all day, so avoid taking them on and off often or you will lose them eventually.


One trick for your kids to encourage them to use their retainers overnight is to treat them like the tooth fairy, put some money or any other prize that they will like under their pillow as a reward for a full night of wearing their retainer.


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Tips to adjust faster to your new dentures

Dentures are tagged as the most affordable solution for people that are missing either one or more teeth due to many causes, such tooth decay, gum disease and even trauma. From young people to  more adults ones, the demand for denturesdenture is skyrocketing according to most recent studies, so it is pretty common that some dental patients are looking for a denture that covers  their needs.


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Now, I know that losing our natural teeth is not good news, or even a pleasant thought, but what good news is, that traditional dentures are not the only solution available to address this problem. Now days, there are many denture alternatives in the market, from permanent dentures, to more simple ones and same day dentures. And all this alternatives offers comfort and a natural look like normal teeth.


But not everything is a piece of cake, in order to get the most out of your new set of dentures you will need some few tips and trick first. And we will provide them to you so you can adjust to your dentures, the only think you will need is patience, and some simple techniques to make the adjustment period a walk in the park.



How to eat with dentures


This is one of the biggest concerns and asked question among new denture wearers, they worry too much especially when eating in public. Well, the key here is practicing a lot so they can feel more comfortable the way the supports feel against the gums and palate. First tip is to ensure your dentures are properly adjusted so they fit a bit fit but comfortably at the same time.


If the denture is loose, the more chances are for it to slip away and form a scene, use adhesives even if you have to. And as we said before, practice eating different kinds of foods at home until you feel comfortable with the way your dentures feel when biting and chewing.


How to speak with dentures


Pretty much like eating, speaking when wearing dentures is another concern most patients have. And the same treatment can be applied in this case, the key to learn how to speak while using them is to practice, a lot of practice. A pro tip is to read a book at home out loud until you consider that you have mastered how to speak properly.


Other Tips


Remember to wear your dentures for just you’re supposed to. Wearing them for longer periods of time might seem like a good idea, but this is wrong, as you can end up developing some serious infections, delaying your adjustment time a lot, so take them off when you don’t need to use them.


And if you’re having difficulty when wearing dentures, like slipping, cause any form of pain, or if they’re creating sore spots, or the simple just feel plain uncomfortable to you, do not doubt to call  your dentist to make the necessary adjustments.


Taking care of your dentures


Another preoccupation from most denture wearing patients is the caring of them. And most of them are also very pleasantly surprised to learn that taking care of denture is one of the most easiest thing in the world to do.


To clean your dentures you just need to treat them like regular teeth, just brush them at least twice a day, procuring to be very gentle and careful in the process. Another important point is to to clean your gums and all mouth areas in order to prevent infections and other diseases. Last but not least, do not forget to visit your dentist regularly to adjust your denture, and a regular checkup also on your gums and other soft


This is everything for today, learning how to wear dentures may take some time and practice, but I hope that with this tips and advices you can adjust to them very quickly, and smile, eat and speak with no problem at all, cheers!

Tips keep your dental braces clean

We cannot stress enough about how importantly it is to keep your teeth and your braces clean, because if you slack off you are tanking your chances to end up with gum disease and other oral diseases, even you can suffer from teeth loss or decalcification, and the worst part is that cleaning your teeth while using braces isn’t that hard, it just takes a little time a day to do so.


At first, when you get your braces, brushing, flossing and all that fuzz will probably take you like 10 to 20 minutes, but keep doing it and you’ll get better and faster at it. cleaning-braces

The first thing to take in mind is that right after getting braces it will be difficult to brush and floss because your teeth and gums may be very sensitive, just try to be very gentle and carful, also it may be a good idea to take a break from flossing for the first weeks after the sensitivity goes away.

As for how often you should clean your teeth when using braces, you should brush your teeth at least twice as normal, like you didn’t have braces, remember to brush them after every meal and use floss and mouth rinse regularly.
Some golden tips to keep your braces clean are to get help from some dental products that you can find in your local drugstore or in pharmacies in Los Algodones, if by any chance you happen to be in Mexico, they have great deals in dental hygiene products.


One of those products is mouth rinse, use it to get rid of any food particles that might stuck in your braces, doing more than one good rinse is okay, also using a dental pick or a good toothbrush to dislodge large visible food debris will help a lot too, just pick carefully between the wires in each bracket to not damage it.


When brushing, procure to use small amounts of toothpaste, also it’s better to use regular toothpaste; otherwise if you use whitening toothpaste could end up only whitening your exposed teeth. If you can find a special toothbrush for braces it would be awesome, they come especially designed for people with retainers and braces.


It is also important to have a proper brushing technique, brush the brackets on each tooth both up and down and side to side to cover all the areas, a pro tip is to brush in a circular motion over each tooth to get maximum cleaning coverage, remember to brush your molars, tongue and cheeks too.


Using floss it’s also pretty important, we are not gonna lie, at first it will be really difficult and hard, because braces take too much space and tend to accumulate many food residues, flossing at least twice a day will be sufficient to keep them clean, but the catch is to use the correct dental floss. Another key thing here is to practice, and don’t stop doing it, as you get more experience you’ll end up being faster and more efficient at it.


If you can’t floss very well, don’t be discouraged, there is a solution for everything, and in this case you can get an oral irrigator, incorporating one in your cleaning routine will be also help your gums too! Irrigators don’t take the place of flossing at all but they certainly add an extra when it comes to dental hygiene.


Last but not least, visit your dentist twice a year to get a regular checkup and cleaning, this is really important if you want your teeth to look perfect when the braces come off. If by any chance you are interested in top quality braces at a very low prices consider visiting a dentist in Los Algodones, in this little border town between the US and Mexico you will find good prices in good quality dental procedure such a orthodontics, and more!

Consequences of drinking too much Sugary Drinks

We all know the importance of a good and consistent oral hygiene, we have to remember to brush our teeth at least twice a day, and use dental floss and mouthwash regularly to ensure we keep our smile beautiful as ever and our teeth healthy and in top conditions, but this is just one fraction of the work we need to do to preserve our teeth, we have to take in account what we eat, drink, and what we put in our mouth.


We say this because there is a large list of foods and drinks that are really bad for your teeth, it is really that bad that they can actually reverse any good our oral caring routine is doing for us, so please, take note to this article and tips to learn about what sugary drinks can do to our teeth.


Sugar drinks, this includes all kind, like fruit juices and sodas, are definitely on the list we mentioned before, we know they are the preferred beverage for children and adults alike, we have to underline that they are not a great choice for your teeth, as they do so much damage to their health. If you are a super fan of drinking too of them, you are risking yourself to suffer a large amount of dental diseases, such as gum disease, tooth decay, dental cavities, bad breath, and the list goes on.


What can Sugary Drinks do to you Teeth?


Yeah, I know that regular abusing sugary beverages is not good for my teeth, you may be thinking by know, but, have you considered the other negative effects that sugary drinks causes to your overall oral health? Every time you relax and have one of these aforementioned drinks, the sugar contained on them latches on to your teeth, and bacteria that lives naturally inside your mouth, loves sugar, this means only bad news.sugary-drinks


Bacteria will eat all the sugar that these drinks leave behind, and as the bacteria consumes the sugar, an acid is produced, this acid will eventually begin to eat the enamel on your teeth, making your teeth bot only thinner, but weaker. As the enamel of your teeth weakens, affections such as cavities will start to appear, making sugary drinks on of the principal responsible for tooth decay.


What can you do to avoid this damage?


First of all, one of the best ways to fight tooth decay caused by the excess of sugar drinks consumption is to avoid drinking them as much as possible. Dentist suggest to their patient to consider other alternatives, more healthy drinks, such as water or milk. But, what about natural fruit juices? If they are 100% natural they are another option to provide a bit of sweetness in a much healthier way.


But if you opt for drinking fruit juices with a juice content less than 10 percent, you are going to have a bad time, one golden tip to cut the sugar a bit is to mix them with a bit to water to making them a little more friendly to your teeth, this dilutes the sugar minimize its quantity in the fruit juice.


Another pro tip is to rinse your mouth with water after drinking any kind of sugary drink to clean your mouth and flush away the sugar from your teeth. Apart from this, brushing your teeth after every meal will help a ton to get rid of bacteria and plaque that forms inside the mouth thanks to the sugar, also using dental product with fluoride will help to reduce the chances of getting cavities, and strengthen tooth enamel by a lot, almost nullifying the damage caused by sugary drinks.


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Know the best tips to get rid of Tooth-Plaque

Plaque is really dangerous for your teeth, its presence can lead to some serious problems like tooth decay or several gum diseases due to the fact that it contains bacteria that can ruin your mouth, so if you ever start feeling a slimy coat in your teeth and gums it’s a sign that you should start doing something about it.


At the same time, there is no reason to panic, because there is so much you can do to stop the plaque to spread out in your mouth and damaging your teeth, this series of tip should help you fight it and get rid of it so you can save your teeth and preserve your teeth bright and white as precious pearls.


Don’t forget to brush your teeth every single day


Brushing your teeth is the number one activity you should be doing to prevent bacteria and plaque to accumulate in your mouth, experts suggest that brushing at least twice a day is enough to have a good dental hygiene, one thing to consider when brushing your teeth is to have a proper technique and use a soft-bristled toothbrush that is gentle to our teeth and gums and the correct toothpaste to match.


Also do not forget to reach all the areas of your mouth, this including all teeth, even molars, the gums, your tongue, and the sides of your cheeks, this will stop definitely the plaque on its track to form and mature, remember to brush your teeth every single day without any exception.

Use floss to clean between your teeth


The use of floss every day plays a huge factor on dental hygiene, getting rid of food debris and other residues between the teeth can also prevent the formation of plaques and protect your gums as a bonus.


Remember to have a proper technique when flossing and to not being too rough while doing so or you can injure yourself pretty badly, also there are other products to clean between your teeth such as interdental brushes, floss aides, and air-flossing devices.

Mouthwash can be your best friend


First let get something clear before continuing, mouth rinse and mouthwash are two completely different things, as most common mouthwash is used to freshen breath and antiseptic mouth rinse, on the other hand, helps eliminate and prevent the bacterial that accumulate from the plaque in your teeth.


The best use for your mouth rinse is to use it after brushing and flossing for about 30 second twice a day to cause the maximum effect desired.

Avoid eating too much sweets and sugar


We know this is a hard tip to follow, everybody loves to eat candy and sweets, but they can cause so much plaque thanks to the sugar, specially sticky candies and other foods because they tend to be the hardest one to clean off, if you suffer from sweet tooth, the best advice for you is to clean your teeth as soon as possible to prevent tooth decay.


Apart from tooth decay, sugar also form cavities and help plaque and bacteria to grow at alarming rates, so think twice before you consider eating a lot of candy or drinking too much coffee and sodas every day.

Dental plaque with inflammation and healthy tooth on a white background
Dental plaque with inflammation and healthy tooth on a white background

Some final thoughts and recommendations



Seeing your dentist at least twice a year for a regular check up and cleaning help to control any conditions your teeth may have, including plaque, it is important to consult every time you have any doubt or notice something off in your mouth, by the end of the day they are trained professional that dedicate their lives to help our teeth.


So don’t be shy or stingy to pay for a dentist, bu in case you want to save a couple of hundreds of dollars, you should consider taking a dental vacation at Los Algodones, Mexico. Dentists in Los Algodones charge 50% to 70% less than US dentist, and offer the same quality in treatment, so definitely is an option worth to look up to.


Tips to take care of your child’s teeth

As parents we want our kids to grow strong and healthy, so taking care of their teeth will and teaching them good hygiene habits will ensure that they always have a beautiful smile and avoid diseases and tooth decay in the future.


It is suggested that we should take our children to the dentist by their first year for a check up to do some early preventive care, this will not only start teach them good dental care habits, but in the long run it will save you money, dental treatment is 40% less expensive for kids, especially in Mexico, so it is not a bad idea to visit the dental capital of the world, Los Algdones.


Speaking of creating good dental care habits, make sure you teach your kids how to brush correctly their teeth, teach them proper brushing techniques and to always wash their toothbrush properly after using it.


It is a good idea to plan out schedules like brushing twice a day or after every meal, and flossing before bedtime, they can start flossing the moment when two of their little teeth touch each other, and after that avoid giving them any food or drink


In case you have any babies, you can gently brush their gum very softly using a very soft toothbrush, after their firsts teeth appears you can still brush them regularly until they can hold a toothbrush on their own and you can teach them how to clean their teeth.


Another tip to help you take care of your kids teeth, specially babies, is to avoid letting them cling to their bottle with juices, milk or just sugary drinks, this is a bad idea because it creates an ideal environment to bacteria to grow on their mouth and probably cause them tooth decay.


But many parents think that giving their kid juices and milk on their sippy cup is a good idea, the truth is that, yes, it is healthy for the kid, but not if you let them sip all day long, use drinks as a treat or at mealtimes, as we mentioned before, giving them too much can lead to tooth decay.


The same can be applied to their medication as they can come really flavored and sugary for they to take them, make sure that they don’t stick on their little teeth, or the chances of having cavities will increase greatly, one of the medication you have to look out for are asthma and hearth medication because they often have a higher tooth decay rate.


The same goes with the pacifier, the prolonged use of this useful item can ruin your kid’s teeth by shaping them horribly in the wrong directions, it can even change the shape of the entire mouth, so, when is it the perfect time to remove the pacifier? Well, dentists suggest that by the age of 3 you can get rid of it safely.

Finally, stay firm with your children about their dental care habits, don’t let them go to bed before brushing their teeth, you have to make them believe they don’t have any other choice, this will require a lot of patience, be always calm when teaching them all the brushing, flossing and rinsing techniques


One golden tip is to let your children choose the toothpaste they want to use, this will encourage them to brush their teeth frequently because they’ll feel happy and entitled with their choice.


Last but not least, making activities and giving them treat for completing their dental hygiene by the end of the day, like making a chart and giving pints or stars per completion will keep them really motivated to brush their teeth. Another good tip is to brushing your teeth with them, making it a group activity or a family bonding experience.


A Closer look to the All on 4 Dental Implant Procedure. Is it Really the best option?

The All on 4 Dental Implants are gaining more and more popularity now days, many people opt to choose this treatment for replacing their teeth instead of other ones that are available in the dentist industry, you can’t imagine how often people walk into a dental clinic and ask for this procedure, especially at Los Algodones, Mexico, but, why is this a thing anyways?


For starters, the All on 4 Dental Implants is a procedure that seeks to combine the best of both worlds, price and quality, replacing all the teeth missing in the patient’s mouth permanently, not like prosthetic dentures that can attach and detach at will. and the process is said to be quick and painless, so there goes our number one perk, let’s talk about the procedure itself.


It all start with the dentist getting rid of all the damaged teeth and disinfecting the area, then he will place four dental implants, in most cases made from titanium alloy, into the jawbone, this will serve as a support to hold the entire bridge, after that it just a simple matter to insert the artificial teeth, that will be as good looking and functional as natural teeth.


During all the procedure the patient will be sedated, so there is no room to worrying about being a hard treatment to choose, because one of the top question from patients is, is it going to hurt? Or is it going to be painful to go through? The answer is a no! and the same goes to the healing period after the procedure, which is a single day, patients report to have zero pain when recovering, good news!


This take us to our next point, maintenance, how well do the All on 4 Dental Implant hold on? Well, it is pretty awesome because you just treat it as you would treat your natural teeth, you can smile, bite, eat what you want and brush them as usual, if your dentist is good, then you can expect it to last up to 10 years.


This all sounds too good, but unfortunately, there is some disadvantages that go anchored to the decision of choosing an All on 4 Dental Implant for replacing your teeth, and it is important that every patient consider all the pros and cons when evaluating their options, so after hearing all the good things, let’s discuss about some of the cons, shall we?


Some dentist would call the All on 4 Dental Implants under engineered, and it makes a lot of sense, because you are expecting that four implants will support what 14 upper natural teeth would easily do, obviously this is one of the factors that makes them a cheap treatment compared to others available, such as 6 and 8 Dental Implant, that use more support.


Which lead us exactly to our next con, the All on 4 Dental Implant work kind of like a hybrid, like we said before, the procedure seeks to provide relief to the patient at low costs, this low cost means that there is a high chance that the implant will cease easily, besides they don’t use support in the molar area where the bite force need more reinforcement.

So what should you choose? The All on 4 Dental Implant has proved to be a reliable solution to many patient that have lost their teeth, it has boosted the confidence of countless of people, but the ultimate truth is that every person is so different that every patient has an individual need, so not everyone will get the same result.

That is why we recommend you to always ask your dentist to get an honest and professional answer to what you really need. Oh! On a side note, if you are interested in saving more money in getting your All on 4 Dental Implant, you should definitely check out dentist in Los Algodones, you will save more than 70% of your money and get the same quality in services.


Take a look to our top tips to have perfect and healthy teeth

Dental hygiene is a huge deal if we want to conserve our teeth perfectly white and healthy, because they not only accomplish an aesthetic role, the also have an important functional role too, without them we couldn’t eat properly, and let’s not even start on how ugly we would look with gross teeth, ugh!


Having healthy teeth looks very nice, which help us to smile more often and feel really confident, that’s why we want to share some useful tips to help you keep your teeth healthy and feel like those people we see on commercials on TV or magazine ads, or maybe your favorite celebrity.


Brush daily! This is one of the easiest tricks to help your teeth keep clean, just remember to use a proper brushing technic to prevent bacteria to buildup, as for how many times a day you should do it, with at least twice a day will suffice, but you should honestly do it after every meal, especially after eating sweets.


Also don’t forget to brush the surface of your tongue also, you can use your everyday toothbrush, but you can also buy a professional tongue cleaner to remove all the bacteria that accumulates there, this is a gold tip to get rid of bad breath and other negatively consequences that can affect your teeth’s health.


oral-health-and-heart-problemsOn the same note, using dental floss can help you remove food and other substances that brushing regularly cannot simply do, by flossing, you can reach deep between every teeth where the toothbrush bristles often cannot reach or just simply washing it away using some mouthwash, you should use your dental floss at least once a day.


Mouthwash is particularly necessary because they help you to kill the bacteria in your mouth, besides it help maintaining a fresh breath, and helps to preserve your teeth strong, use mouthwash after brushing and flossing to ensure not only your teeth’s health and good breath, but to gain the smile of a champ.


Now that you know some dental hygiene tips to keep your teeth perfectly white and healthy, there is some things you should really avoid to keep them that way, and the first thing to avoid is cigarettes and tobacco, it will save you from oral cancer and other periodontal complications and you should already know that they damage your teeth very badly.


Other things you should look out for is sodas and sweets, sugar is one of the mains causes of most of dental hygiene problems like as tooth decay and gumth diseases, some of these kind beverages contains additives such as corn syrup and food dye that can make your teeth looks dull and discolored in the best case scenario, because the can color your teeth, especially if you are an avid fan of drinking too much coffee.


That is why it’s best to choose other healthy beverages like milk, which contains calcium that helps strengthen teeth and drinking water will hydrates your body better and longer than sugary drinks like sodas, playing a huge part in keeping your teeth healthy.

Other food you can consume to get satisfy your body’s need of calcium for your teeth other than drinking milk, are drinking orange juice, which contains Vitamin C and eating yogurt, broccoli, cheese, and other dairy products can help a ton too. Another option is to get a calcium supplement, just remember to take the adequate doses according to your age.

Speaking of vitamins Vitamin D is really good and important for maintaining healthy gums and teeth, also Vitamin B is contributes to the protection of your gums and teeth, preventing them from cracking and bleeding, other component necessary for maintaining a healthy dental hygiene are copper, zinc, iodine, iron and potassium

Finally, but not less important, it is mandatory that you pay a visit your dentist at least twice a year, so make an appointment to have a full comprehensive exam, and also maybe you want to get an x-rays to help detect and prevent future dental problems like wisdom tooth and such.


If going to the dentist is too expensive for you, you should consider checking out Los Algodones, Mexico. Los Algodones dentists prices are crazy low compared to the US, saving you from 50% to 80% of what you can spend back home, making it the fastest growing destination for dental tourism in the continent.