Get to Know the Different Types of Dental Crowns

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When we talk about types of dental crowns we immediately think about porcelain or ceramic crowns, bud, did you know that it exist many other types of permanent crowns that can be made off? Your dentist and you will have to help each other decide which type is the best for you, so it is very important to know them for when your dentist ask you which dental crown you want, you already know about their pros and cons.

Stainless steel crowns


These are prefabricated crowns used on permanent teeth as a temporary solution, its primarily objective is to protect the tooth while a permanent crown is custom made from a different material. In the cases of children, the stainless steel crown is most commonly used over a primary tooth that’s been prepared to fit it, they are used for children’s teeth because they don’t require several dental visits, proving to be more cost- efficient than custom-made crowns.


The way they work is that they cover the entire tooth and protects it from tooth decay and other damages and injuries, then when the primary tooth comes out to make room for the permanent tooth, the stainless steel crown comes out naturally with it.


Metal crowns


Usually they gold alloy, and other alloys such as palladium, nickel or chromium, if we compare metal crowns with other crown types, they offer an excellent functionality due to the fact that you can apply enough force to bite and chew normally as you would with a natural tooth, besides they last long periods of times thanks to their resistance, the only think that we can occur for its drawback is the metallic color, so we recommend our patients to opt for them for the molars that are out of sight.


Crowns made from porcelain fused with metal


Unlike the metallic crowns these dental crowns can be made from color that match your natural teeth, next to crowns made from ceramic, porcelain fused to metal crowns look like normal teeth, giving a natural look to them, making them a safer choice, but the crown’s porcelain part can chip or break off the adjacent teeth, apart from that in some cases the metal underlying of the crown’s porcelain can show some kind of dark line at the gum line, making it more noticeable if you suffer from gum recession.


All these points make these type crowns an excellent choice for front or back of the patients teeth.


Resin dental crowns


These are less expensive dental crown if we compare them to the other ones on this list, however, this mean that being the cheapest ones they wear down faster over time and they chances to suffer from damages like fracture are more likely than porcelain-fused-to-metal or metallic crowns.


Should I go for All-ceramic or all-porcelain dental crowns?


For some people they are different kind of crowns, but the truth is that they are the same thing, their advantages are that they provide the patient a natural look and are more recommended for patients with some kind of allergies to other materials, such a some alloys and metal, for example.

Regarding their disadvantages, they tend to not be as strong as other types of dental crowns, so this mean that they wear down opposing teeth a little more than the other types, such as metal or resin crowns, making them a safe choice for using it on the front teeth to ensure a beautiful smile.


Temporary and permanent dental crowns


First of all temporary dental crowns are made of acrylic or stainless steel in your dentist’s office, and permanent crowns are made in a dental laboratory, temporary crowns can be used as a temporary restoration until a permanent crown is custom made in a lab, so you have to weight in longevity versus a quick solution.


Zirconia crowns


They are cool because they are digitally constructed with special software and hardware in dental lab, although nowadays  dental offices have the necessary knowledge and equipment to produce a crown in one sitting so you don’t have to wait days or even weeks to get one, one interesting fact is that these crowns do not require an impression.


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