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The importance of bone graft in dental surgery

Dental implants are unavoidable for those patients that are missing one or several teeth, because dental implants look and work the same as our natural teeth, besides there is the cosmetic factor, making a successful implant almost undetectable, no one could tell the difference between a regular toot and an artificial one.


However, it is pretty important to make sure that the patients understand well all the various scenarios of a dental surgery, especially when considering getting dental implants, one of the key things, for example, is the possibility of needing a bone graft when installing dental implants.


As you may know a dental implant consist basically in two parts, a metal piece that is placed into the jaw bone that acts like a pillar for the crown, and an abutment that will be screws into the mentioned piece, then the crown is lastly placed on the abutment, giving the patient a new tooth.


It is not uncommon that your dentist talks to you about needing a bone graft when performing a dental implants if he or she believes that your jaw bone is too thin or soft to install the implant in place and stay solid, because if the bone can’t support the implant it can be very risky to do the surgery because the low chances to success.


If your dentist go for a bone graft procedure, then he will take the bone graft from section of bone from your body, it could be the same jaw bone for example. Or he or she could use a special bone grafting material, made from synthetic, and then graft it into the jaw bone or tooth in question.



As for the recovery time after the procedure, you will have to wait most likely a couple of months for the new graft mold and adjust to the bone to make sure that when your dentist install the implant it will be secure in place and stable.


Also there is a small possibility that you will need a minor graft procedure after that, but it can be done at the same time when the dentist install the dental implant, at the end of the day it’s your dentist last call, the most important thing is to make sure that bone graft allow your jawbone to be strong enough to support the dental implant in order to be considered a successful procedure.


As with any surgical procedure, it is very important that you discuss your individual medical history with your dentist to evaluate all the benefits and the risks of the procedure, always listen to them, after all they are professionals at their jobs and studied very hard to get to where they are, once everything its decided and it is determined that you are a good candidate for the procedure, then you can look forward to undergo the treatment and get a new shining smile thanks to your new dental implants.

Why should you consider bone grafting for dental treatment?


One of the main reasons patient should opt for dental bone grafting procedures is to restore your jaw bone to save it from tooth loss, gum disease or any kind of trauma, another use is to maintain the bone structure after a tooth extraction.

And as we said before, many dental procedures, like dental implants, require that the jaw bone is in good condition and position to guarantee optimal results, besides, maintaining the bone structure of the face is really important, those bones not only support the skin and muscle tissues that are responsible for our facial features and cosmetic appearance, and without the support of the jaw bone, our faces can look disgusting and prematurely aged.


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