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Some tips to plan out your dental tourism adventure

Try to get the most from it!


dental-tourismMany people ask me the same questions when I mention the word “dental tourism”, they tend to think it’s some kind of joke or meme, but when I calmly explain to them what exactly it is, they get all hyped and curious about it, so how exactly does dental tourism work?


To put it shortly, think of it as a vacation or a trip cross a visit to the dentist, sounds weird, doesn’t it? But it works like a charm, because there are many countries that offer the same top quality services you can expect back home, but at dirty cheap prices.


This brings the question how far should you travel to get your dental work done? And the answer can be very varied, but at the end of the day it depends on your budget and willingness to travel long or short distances, for example, dental treatment in Asia can be very cheap, but the cost to travel are much higher than other countries, such as Mexico, which is pretty easy to access to.


Does this mean that an option is better than the other? No! Getting treated in Thailand or Los Algodones will not influence at all on the result of the procedure you are looking to get, but the scenery and the “vacation” and tourism itself can be very different depending on which destination you choose to get your dental done.


If you are very interested in dental tourism there are some factors you have to consider before you book your plane tickets and dentist appointment, good for you we are going to share with you some tips to help you plan your dental trip perfectly.


First of all, do your homework, this means that in order to get everything work the way intended you need to spend some time researching first, this includes city, clinics, hotels if you are planning to spend the night and all that, be sure to find all the information you can about the country and its culture to arrive very confident to where you need to go.


Next compare prices it is important to figure out how much are you saving and which dental clinic offer the best price available, this can take a lot of time, but it will certainly worth it. On a side note, consider taking in account other expenses such as food, hotel rooms, and other activities such as shopping, picnics, kayaking, hiking, depending on where you wish to go.


Also try to find a well-reviewed dentist, this is not hard to do because in today’s world it is pretty easy to find reviews and opinion about almost everything, one pro tip is to send emails and contact reviewers to ask as many questions as you wish, and if you happen to know someone that has done dental tourism before it would be even better!


And this takes us to our next point, ask someone to companion you, a loved one like a close friend, a family member, even a significant other, that way you will feel happy and secure to embark on the adventure of a lifetime, and get your dental treatment as a bonus, remember one of the key things about this is that you have to take it as a normal vacations, and enjoy every second of this experience.


You should definitely consider purchasing a dental insurance, most of the dental clinics abroad work with these insurance companies, so this bring an extra safe card to the table when it comes to planning paying for the dental treatment itself.


A golden tip is to plan your post treatment time, many patients of dental tourism just go and return back home the same day without considering the recovery time, resulting in complications and injuries, so take this in mind also when scheduling your


And as for where are the best places to go for dental tourism we strongly recommend Los Algodones Mexico, especially for first timers because it is very close to the States, at just 7 miles southwest form Yuma, Arizona, and it is right next to the US-Mexico border, you just stroll pass the gates and that’s it, you will be in the hearth of the dental capital of the world!


Besides Los Algodones dentists you can find a lot of cool stuff to do  like discounts on prescriptions drugs and glasses, great food and many, many more!