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What can you do about gum recession?


If you are reading this there is a chance that you loop yourself at the mirror after brushing your teeth and notice something different, something odd, you see your teeth and they seem to be ok, but you look a little more closely and you find where is the problem, you notice gum recession.


And what does this mean exactly? Well, it’s not good news, gum recession cause your tooth roots to be exposed due to the gum receding away from the tooth itself, changing the way your teeth looks and it can affect either young and old patients, making them very sensitive to cold, sugar, and brushing, and ultimately it can cause tooth loss.


To put a little example to explain how important the gums are for your body, imagine the gums are like the gasket in the motor of a car, they seal the inside containing the engine from the outside, protecting it, if the gasket wear down, it will eventually break down, allowing loss compression.


Your gums acts sorta the same as the gasket, in your mouth, your gums act as the seal needed to prevent food residues from getting stuck between the teeth, avoiding bacteria to accumulate and ultimately causing harm between the teeth, and if you let bacteria loose the damage can spread even further affecting the spaces between the gums and jawbone.


So if the spaces in between your teeth open up as the gum recedes, it will allow food to get trapped, so you have to be careful and act quick, although it is kind of unfortunately and natural because gum recession it’s something that happen as we age, no matter what we do or how healthy we are.


One thing you have to look out for is gum diseases, grinding your teeth together and cleaning and brushing too aggressively because it can worsen the recession, so if you are doing one of these actions, you should stop doing it by any mean to prevent gum recession as soon as possible.


One useful advice is to use high quality toothbrush to clean your teeth, and remember to throw it away often, like every 4 weeks for a manual toothbrush and every 3 months or so for an electric toothbrush head, if you use a very worn out toothbrush or just cheap bristles, you risk yourself to scrub away your own gums.


And as we mentioned before in this article, it is mandatory to learn proper brushing techniques, because if you don’t pay enough attention and just brush your teeth very aggressively you will accelerate gum recession, also make sure you use the correct toothpaste that is not too abrasive.


If you have problems stopping grinding your teeth, you should consider wear a night guard, or you can ask your dentist to make you a costume made one, and use it every night while you sleep to protect your teeth.


You have to take in mind that the tooth root can be injured a lot in a short period of time when exposed to acidic substances such aswine, soda, lemonade, and orange juice, so staying away from acidic foods and drinks it’s also a good idea, because acids can accelerate gum recession greatly, remember that the enamel is more resilient to acid, but dentin located in the roots isn’t. One useful trick is to wash these acids by drinking a water after every meal.


One key thing to prevent gum recession is to take care of you gum, use flossing and mouth rinse every day at least twice a day together with brushing to prevent gum disease,


Last but not least, always consult with your dentist, it is suggested that you see one twice a year, so with a good oral hygiene and visits to your dentist you should be able to prevent gum recession successfully or at least control it. And if you are interested in getting treatment for gum recession you should check out Los Algodones dentists in Mexico, definitely the best destination for dental tourism!