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Benefits from wearing Retainers and tips to take care of them

retainer-3Retainers are a big part for a successful treatment for straightens your teeth after wearing braces for a long time, as braces helps create a beautiful smile, the retainer maintains it while making it easier to practice a better oral hygiene.


Apart from this there are many more reasons and advantages from wearing retainers, such as helping correct speech problems, so following your dentist guideline will ensure that you end up with some good looking teeth and a beautiful smile like actors and celebrities on movies and TV.


So Why Wear a Retainer?


As we said before, retainers are often used as the last phase of orthodontics treatment for straight the patient’s teeth, because after the braces are removed, there is still a chance that the teeth shift back to their previous position, so most dentist suggest that retainers are worn when going to bed, sometimes longer, to help preserve the position of the straightened teeth.


Better looking, better cleaning, better everything


It is a fact that straight teeth are easier to clean, also they cut down on plaque buildup by a lot and reduce the chance of suffering from cavities, along with a correct bite, it help patients chew their food more effectively, getting more nutrients from them. Another from this is gaining an increase in saliva production, which helps building more digestive enzymes that cut down plaque, decreasing cavities and other dental diseases.


Fighting Diabetes


Wear your retainers daily not only help your teeth get correctly aligned, they help to reduce the risk of poor oral health too, and another benefit that you may didn’t know about is that retainers can help to counteract diabetes-related ailments, so keep wearing them all day every day, folks!


Breathing better


Another advantage that is unknown by some people is that retainers can help improve their breathing, there are some special types of retainers, that apart from helping straighten the teeth or align the jaw, they can also help solving other trouble like snoring or breathing at night, consult your dentist if you have trouble breathing or snoring and he or she will definitely help you with a special retainer.


Helping with Speech Problem


According to some scientific studies, using retainers can help people beat their speech impediments, thanks to that retainers help to adjust the tongue placement so patients can form sounds correctly as they speak, this is more effective on kids as they are just developing their vocabulary.

How to get in the habit of wearing a Retainer daily

Because we know that getting in the habit of using your retainers can be very daunting and hard, we are going to teach you some tips to help you adjust to them pretty quickly, especially if you have little kids.


Choose a big carrying case to keep your retainer, that way it will be less likely for you if your use it, in the case of kids, choose one that is their favorite color or put sticker with their favorite cartoon to ensure that they pay close attention to it and reduce the risk losing them. On the same note, write a note and put it in your kid’s retainer case as a reminder.


Just like keys and other possessions, keeping your retainer case in the same spot can reduce the chances of passing overlooked or misplaced during a busy day. But sincerely, you should be wearing them all day, so avoid taking them on and off often or you will lose them eventually.


One trick for your kids to encourage them to use their retainers overnight is to treat them like the tooth fairy, put some money or any other prize that they will like under their pillow as a reward for a full night of wearing their retainer.


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Consequences of drinking too much Sugary Drinks

We all know the importance of a good and consistent oral hygiene, we have to remember to brush our teeth at least twice a day, and use dental floss and mouthwash regularly to ensure we keep our smile beautiful as ever and our teeth healthy and in top conditions, but this is just one fraction of the work we need to do to preserve our teeth, we have to take in account what we eat, drink, and what we put in our mouth.


We say this because there is a large list of foods and drinks that are really bad for your teeth, it is really that bad that they can actually reverse any good our oral caring routine is doing for us, so please, take note to this article and tips to learn about what sugary drinks can do to our teeth.


Sugar drinks, this includes all kind, like fruit juices and sodas, are definitely on the list we mentioned before, we know they are the preferred beverage for children and adults alike, we have to underline that they are not a great choice for your teeth, as they do so much damage to their health. If you are a super fan of drinking too of them, you are risking yourself to suffer a large amount of dental diseases, such as gum disease, tooth decay, dental cavities, bad breath, and the list goes on.


What can Sugary Drinks do to you Teeth?


Yeah, I know that regular abusing sugary beverages is not good for my teeth, you may be thinking by know, but, have you considered the other negative effects that sugary drinks causes to your overall oral health? Every time you relax and have one of these aforementioned drinks, the sugar contained on them latches on to your teeth, and bacteria that lives naturally inside your mouth, loves sugar, this means only bad news.sugary-drinks


Bacteria will eat all the sugar that these drinks leave behind, and as the bacteria consumes the sugar, an acid is produced, this acid will eventually begin to eat the enamel on your teeth, making your teeth bot only thinner, but weaker. As the enamel of your teeth weakens, affections such as cavities will start to appear, making sugary drinks on of the principal responsible for tooth decay.


What can you do to avoid this damage?


First of all, one of the best ways to fight tooth decay caused by the excess of sugar drinks consumption is to avoid drinking them as much as possible. Dentist suggest to their patient to consider other alternatives, more healthy drinks, such as water or milk. But, what about natural fruit juices? If they are 100% natural they are another option to provide a bit of sweetness in a much healthier way.


But if you opt for drinking fruit juices with a juice content less than 10 percent, you are going to have a bad time, one golden tip to cut the sugar a bit is to mix them with a bit to water to making them a little more friendly to your teeth, this dilutes the sugar minimize its quantity in the fruit juice.


Another pro tip is to rinse your mouth with water after drinking any kind of sugary drink to clean your mouth and flush away the sugar from your teeth. Apart from this, brushing your teeth after every meal will help a ton to get rid of bacteria and plaque that forms inside the mouth thanks to the sugar, also using dental product with fluoride will help to reduce the chances of getting cavities, and strengthen tooth enamel by a lot, almost nullifying the damage caused by sugary drinks.


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