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Do you really need root canal treatment?

Learn what criteria dentists use to decide if you really need a root canal treatment


We know many patients get really scared when their dentist told them they need a root canal procedure, the first thing they think is that it’s going to hurt a lot, or that the procedure will be too complicated and expensive to do, but the truth is that your dentist have the last word on the subject, after all, they are professionals well versed in dental work.

Before considering opting for a root canal procedure, dentists have certain criteria first as a modus operandi to decide if this treatment is the best course of action for their patient, by asking them questions or practicing certain test and x-rays.


One of the question your dentist may ask is about lingering pain, this consist basically in ask question based on how your tooth reacts to cold and hot, he will ask some question such as if you feel your tooth after drinking cold water, if you feel it sensitive, how long do you feel the pain, that way your dentist will figure out if you certainly have a lingering or a non-lingering pain.


When dentist refer as lingering, they mean that they evaluate if the pain sticks around after the tooth reacts to hot or cold, meaning that non-lingering means that the pain goes away after certain time, in other words, it doesn’t stick with you.


And why is this relevant? Well, if the pain goes away, it can be an indicator that the pulp inside your tooth is still alive, or functional enough to recover from hot and cold, which mean that the tissue could be recovered with some dental work, but if the patient drinks cold or hot water and the tooth remains sensitive for the next hours, it can mean that the nerve is dead and it’s beyond recovery.


Also if you’re feeling spontaneous pain by just doing nothing in a form of a wave, that’s definitely a dead tooth.


Another important point the take in account is positional pain, if your tooth pain is worse depending if you are lying down or standing, or when you move around, if that’s the case, then it might be a sign of an abscess.


To confirm the presence of an abscess, your dentist will use x-ray, this will allow him or her to see if there is basically a hole in the jawbone, this will show up as a black spot on the x-ray, this means that the bone doesn’t grow in that place due to an infection, in this case you should be treated as soon as possible.


Another sign of an abscess is the presence as well of pain in areas of the body close to the tooth, like the jaw, ears, other teeth, the cheeks, and others



Another point your dentist is going to look for is fistula on the gum, which is a little white pimple, sometimes yellow, or red that can show up on your gum, this is a clear sign of an infection because it confirm the presence of infectious materials such as blood and pus on the mouth that obviously present a risk for the patient. Your dentist has to study the case very carefully to identify the problem correctly.


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