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Consequences of drinking too much Sugary Drinks

We all know the importance of a good and consistent oral hygiene, we have to remember to brush our teeth at least twice a day, and use dental floss and mouthwash regularly to ensure we keep our smile beautiful as ever and our teeth healthy and in top conditions, but this is just one fraction of the work we need to do to preserve our teeth, we have to take in account what we eat, drink, and what we put in our mouth.


We say this because there is a large list of foods and drinks that are really bad for your teeth, it is really that bad that they can actually reverse any good our oral caring routine is doing for us, so please, take note to this article and tips to learn about what sugary drinks can do to our teeth.


Sugar drinks, this includes all kind, like fruit juices and sodas, are definitely on the list we mentioned before, we know they are the preferred beverage for children and adults alike, we have to underline that they are not a great choice for your teeth, as they do so much damage to their health. If you are a super fan of drinking too of them, you are risking yourself to suffer a large amount of dental diseases, such as gum disease, tooth decay, dental cavities, bad breath, and the list goes on.


What can Sugary Drinks do to you Teeth?


Yeah, I know that regular abusing sugary beverages is not good for my teeth, you may be thinking by know, but, have you considered the other negative effects that sugary drinks causes to your overall oral health? Every time you relax and have one of these aforementioned drinks, the sugar contained on them latches on to your teeth, and bacteria that lives naturally inside your mouth, loves sugar, this means only bad news.sugary-drinks


Bacteria will eat all the sugar that these drinks leave behind, and as the bacteria consumes the sugar, an acid is produced, this acid will eventually begin to eat the enamel on your teeth, making your teeth bot only thinner, but weaker. As the enamel of your teeth weakens, affections such as cavities will start to appear, making sugary drinks on of the principal responsible for tooth decay.


What can you do to avoid this damage?


First of all, one of the best ways to fight tooth decay caused by the excess of sugar drinks consumption is to avoid drinking them as much as possible. Dentist suggest to their patient to consider other alternatives, more healthy drinks, such as water or milk. But, what about natural fruit juices? If they are 100% natural they are another option to provide a bit of sweetness in a much healthier way.


But if you opt for drinking fruit juices with a juice content less than 10 percent, you are going to have a bad time, one golden tip to cut the sugar a bit is to mix them with a bit to water to making them a little more friendly to your teeth, this dilutes the sugar minimize its quantity in the fruit juice.


Another pro tip is to rinse your mouth with water after drinking any kind of sugary drink to clean your mouth and flush away the sugar from your teeth. Apart from this, brushing your teeth after every meal will help a ton to get rid of bacteria and plaque that forms inside the mouth thanks to the sugar, also using dental product with fluoride will help to reduce the chances of getting cavities, and strengthen tooth enamel by a lot, almost nullifying the damage caused by sugary drinks.


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Know the best tips to get rid of Tooth-Plaque

Plaque is really dangerous for your teeth, its presence can lead to some serious problems like tooth decay or several gum diseases due to the fact that it contains bacteria that can ruin your mouth, so if you ever start feeling a slimy coat in your teeth and gums it’s a sign that you should start doing something about it.


At the same time, there is no reason to panic, because there is so much you can do to stop the plaque to spread out in your mouth and damaging your teeth, this series of tip should help you fight it and get rid of it so you can save your teeth and preserve your teeth bright and white as precious pearls.


Don’t forget to brush your teeth every single day


Brushing your teeth is the number one activity you should be doing to prevent bacteria and plaque to accumulate in your mouth, experts suggest that brushing at least twice a day is enough to have a good dental hygiene, one thing to consider when brushing your teeth is to have a proper technique and use a soft-bristled toothbrush that is gentle to our teeth and gums and the correct toothpaste to match.


Also do not forget to reach all the areas of your mouth, this including all teeth, even molars, the gums, your tongue, and the sides of your cheeks, this will stop definitely the plaque on its track to form and mature, remember to brush your teeth every single day without any exception.

Use floss to clean between your teeth


The use of floss every day plays a huge factor on dental hygiene, getting rid of food debris and other residues between the teeth can also prevent the formation of plaques and protect your gums as a bonus.


Remember to have a proper technique when flossing and to not being too rough while doing so or you can injure yourself pretty badly, also there are other products to clean between your teeth such as interdental brushes, floss aides, and air-flossing devices.

Mouthwash can be your best friend


First let get something clear before continuing, mouth rinse and mouthwash are two completely different things, as most common mouthwash is used to freshen breath and antiseptic mouth rinse, on the other hand, helps eliminate and prevent the bacterial that accumulate from the plaque in your teeth.


The best use for your mouth rinse is to use it after brushing and flossing for about 30 second twice a day to cause the maximum effect desired.

Avoid eating too much sweets and sugar


We know this is a hard tip to follow, everybody loves to eat candy and sweets, but they can cause so much plaque thanks to the sugar, specially sticky candies and other foods because they tend to be the hardest one to clean off, if you suffer from sweet tooth, the best advice for you is to clean your teeth as soon as possible to prevent tooth decay.


Apart from tooth decay, sugar also form cavities and help plaque and bacteria to grow at alarming rates, so think twice before you consider eating a lot of candy or drinking too much coffee and sodas every day.

Dental plaque with inflammation and healthy tooth on a white background
Dental plaque with inflammation and healthy tooth on a white background

Some final thoughts and recommendations



Seeing your dentist at least twice a year for a regular check up and cleaning help to control any conditions your teeth may have, including plaque, it is important to consult every time you have any doubt or notice something off in your mouth, by the end of the day they are trained professional that dedicate their lives to help our teeth.


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