Take a look to our top tips to have perfect and healthy teeth

Dental hygiene is a huge deal if we want to conserve our teeth perfectly white and healthy, because they not only accomplish an aesthetic role, the also have an important functional role too, without them we couldn’t eat properly, and let’s not even start on how ugly we would look with gross teeth, ugh!


Having healthy teeth looks very nice, which help us to smile more often and feel really confident, that’s why we want to share some useful tips to help you keep your teeth healthy and feel like those people we see on commercials on TV or magazine ads, or maybe your favorite celebrity.


Brush daily! This is one of the easiest tricks to help your teeth keep clean, just remember to use a proper brushing technic to prevent bacteria to buildup, as for how many times a day you should do it, with at least twice a day will suffice, but you should honestly do it after every meal, especially after eating sweets.


Also don’t forget to brush the surface of your tongue also, you can use your everyday toothbrush, but you can also buy a professional tongue cleaner to remove all the bacteria that accumulates there, this is a gold tip to get rid of bad breath and other negatively consequences that can affect your teeth’s health.


oral-health-and-heart-problemsOn the same note, using dental floss can help you remove food and other substances that brushing regularly cannot simply do, by flossing, you can reach deep between every teeth where the toothbrush bristles often cannot reach or just simply washing it away using some mouthwash, you should use your dental floss at least once a day.


Mouthwash is particularly necessary because they help you to kill the bacteria in your mouth, besides it help maintaining a fresh breath, and helps to preserve your teeth strong, use mouthwash after brushing and flossing to ensure not only your teeth’s health and good breath, but to gain the smile of a champ.


Now that you know some dental hygiene tips to keep your teeth perfectly white and healthy, there is some things you should really avoid to keep them that way, and the first thing to avoid is cigarettes and tobacco, it will save you from oral cancer and other periodontal complications and you should already know that they damage your teeth very badly.


Other things you should look out for is sodas and sweets, sugar is one of the mains causes of most of dental hygiene problems like as tooth decay and gumth diseases, some of these kind beverages contains additives such as corn syrup and food dye that can make your teeth looks dull and discolored in the best case scenario, because the can color your teeth, especially if you are an avid fan of drinking too much coffee.


That is why it’s best to choose other healthy beverages like milk, which contains calcium that helps strengthen teeth and drinking water will hydrates your body better and longer than sugary drinks like sodas, playing a huge part in keeping your teeth healthy.

Other food you can consume to get satisfy your body’s need of calcium for your teeth other than drinking milk, are drinking orange juice, which contains Vitamin C and eating yogurt, broccoli, cheese, and other dairy products can help a ton too. Another option is to get a calcium supplement, just remember to take the adequate doses according to your age.

Speaking of vitamins Vitamin D is really good and important for maintaining healthy gums and teeth, also Vitamin B is contributes to the protection of your gums and teeth, preventing them from cracking and bleeding, other component necessary for maintaining a healthy dental hygiene are copper, zinc, iodine, iron and potassium

Finally, but not less important, it is mandatory that you pay a visit your dentist at least twice a year, so make an appointment to have a full comprehensive exam, and also maybe you want to get an x-rays to help detect and prevent future dental problems like wisdom tooth and such.


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